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    Wakizashi Sword

    • Dated: late Edo Period: 1603-1867
    • Culture: Japanese
    • Medium: steel, copper, ray skin, silk, wood
    • Measurements: blade length: 55 cm. Tang lenght: 12 cm

    The tang (part of the blase encased by the handle) measures 12 cm. The koshirae (mounting) has two menuki, a bird and a crescent, and two seppa and habaki in copper. The tsuba is also made of copper, featuring vegetal decoration. The kozuka of the sword is also of copper and shows a fishing scene. The tzuka is covered in ray skin and silk rope, while the sheath in brown wood with enlarged tip, featuring a decoration of small black birds.

    Source: Copyright © 2014 The Caravana Collection

    (via inkfromtheoctopus)

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